Python Coder

Python Beginner

Students will learn Python programming, which  is a popular text based language that is used in applications such as YouTube and Dropbox.

Why choose Python Coder? 
  • Easy programming language to learn
  • Very popular text based programming language 
  • Learn more complex programming concepts
What will the kids learn? 
  • Learn the fundamental programming concepts
  • Use a Text Based Programming Language
  • Learn data types - Strings and Lists
  • Use packages to build programs
  • Instructor with 12 years of experience as a Software Developer
  • Engineering Degree with First Class Honours from University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Worked at Microsoft, Motorola and Investment Bank Morgan Stanley
  • MOE Approved CCA Instructor for Coding and Robotics
  • Teaching at Singapore Schools
Class Structure:
  • Holiday Program: 
    • 5 sessions of 3 hrs each
What do you require? 
  • Windows or Mac Laptop
Class Venue: 
  • 3 Bideford Road, Richmond Park Condo, 229920
  • 15 Beach Road, Singapore
Any other questions:
  • Email:
Computer Concepts
  • Control Flow
  • Events
  • Conditionals
  • Operators & Data
  • Functions